sunnuntai 31. elokuuta 2014

Tove Jansson exhibition

For a long time I was planning to arrange a lolita meetup in Ateneum in order to visit Tove Jansson's exhibition, and finally it succeeded! 

It was my second time visiting the exhibition so I tried to focus on the things that I did not remember from my first visit, but in the end I ended up admiring mostly the same paintings as I did already. 

One of my favourites was this self-portrait with bobcat-muff:

I kept telling myself to focus non-Moomin art, but I couldn't help but enjoy the cute flowers, characters and landscapes that could have been straight from the Moominworld. Also, it was so cute to find small random Moomin characters from some of her work.

After the museum visit we took some pictures and visited -surprise surprise- Fazer cafe. 

Here's our group photo:

I haven't been wearing gothic lolita or EGL for a while, and when I was planning my outfit it was a bit "freezy"... But after some thinking it was nice to find my inner gothic loli again and just enjoy wearing the beautiful clothes! 

And guess what!

I got to wear my new Iron Gate in public!

So I'm a happy owner of Moitié's Iron Gate, my ultimate dream dress (or in this case, skirt). I'm happy that the skirt I got is the longer version, since Moitié is usually showing half of my tights. :'D

Here's what I'm wearing:

Skirt, blouse, headdress, socks, shoes: Moi-même-Moitié,
jacket: Black Peace Now,
can't remember where the accessories are from...

Tomorrow it's back to uni! I'm trying to dare and wear lolita more often, even for lectures and such. Also, I wish to get to attend lots of meetups during the autumn since it's finally the perfect temperature to wear lolita. *-*

Thank you for reading this post~

tiistai 26. elokuuta 2014

Villa Anneberg

It has been a while!

This summer I have mostly just been working and there has been only little time to wear lolita, so I was very happy to receive a invitation to Katarina's birthday picnic!

Kata, Susanna and I went to Villa Anneberg (Annalan huvila) that's located in middle of Vanhakaupunki and Arabianranta. It's really worth visiting, it has a lovely atmosphere and amazing flowerbeds (I have been working there as a gardener for the summer so I should know. :'D).

Kata had prepared cake and other treats for us and everything tasted yummy. :3

(All pictures are taken by Katarina, please do not copy them without permission from her.)

The American styled cheesecake was my favourite.

It was the first time I got to wear my new Innocent World dress! It has deers in it and I love it. *-*

Sorry for the derpy face but it was really sunny. We're lucky that we didn't melt.

My companion!

Thank you for reading this post~<3

tiistai 22. huhtikuuta 2014

Tea parties and some sushi

It has been a while!

There are some longer posts I would like to share but I'm planning on using a little more time with them so they can wait! In the meantime, here's something little from tea parties and meet ups. <3

Mimi was kind to invite us to her house for some tea. I really love their interior decoration, it's like sipping tea in a museum! Sanni Siira took some lovely pictures and I'm taking the authorization of sharing my favourites. Please do not copy any of her work.

Our group photo:

And my outfit:

Skirt, socks: Moi-même-Moitié,
shoes: YOSUKE,
blouse, hat: second-hand,
choker: made by Iiraliina,
rest is off-brand.

Some time ago I also had the pleasure to attend a sushi meet up! It was held in Helsinki, which was nice since there hasn't been any meetings in a long time. It was arranged by Katja.

I totally forgot to take pictures from the restaurant but the place (Umeshu) was really nice and fancy! And the sushi was tasty.

Here is our group photo and the outfit of the day:

Dress, jacket: Baby, the stars shine bright,
mini-hat: Angelic Pretty,
socks: Moi-même-Moitié,
shoes: Montreal,
bag: Liz Lisa

It was a kind of cold day but I just HAD to wear something else than my winter-coat, so I stuffed myself with knits and shirts and felt like a overly stuffed plush toy. :D

Also, I lovelovelove pink. Bf got the jacket for me as a present and I found the mini-hat from Hellocon's flea-market. <3 Some day I might retire from sweet lolita, but that day is not today!

Thank you so much for taking a look at this post.

perjantai 13. joulukuuta 2013

Street fashion photography project


Lately I haven't had much time to keep my blog dated, it has once again been really busy at the university. I have really loved my new uni so far and the autumn has been great! I had really interesting history of art courses, such as pre-surrealistic postcard course, modern environmental and community art and modern Hongkong art course. I also participated a course of masculinity studies, which was quite interesting. I have also been studying Japanese!

There is still some deadlines to catch up, but I thought that I could share some pictures I recently received. I participated a make-up school and photography school's event where they designed make-up for lolita or visual kei -styled models and then, after some practice with the make-up, styled the models completely and photographer students took some amazing pictures.

My make-up was kind of wild, so the outcome was not very lolita, but it was absolutely artistic and extremely carefully made. They also did my hair, which I kind of love like that. >D

Pictures are taken/edited by Linda Rönnqvist
Hair and make-up Nyoko Candycotton and Iina

Blouse, skirt, headdress, socks: Moi-même-Moitié

The school held an art exhibition, in where the photographers chose three photos of each of their model. Here are my pictures:

Thank you for taking a look at this post. <3

New Vouge Children's giveaway

A friend of mine is having a giveaway in her blog, and you can win postcards (in where she herself poses as a christmassy-lolita-coord) and Meta's ribbons, so of course I have to participate.

Caramea's blog New Vogue Children is one of the few blogs that I actually follow, so if you haven't yet visited her blog do it now! It's very interesting and has high quality.

You can find the giveaway here and participate yourself. <3

tiistai 1. lokakuuta 2013

Casual dressing

Hello again! University has started again and I'm quite busy with my studies, but I'll do my best and try to keep updating! What comes to the celebration of 100 readers... Well, still thinking!

I have been taking outfit pictures of some random and casual days, since I wanted to share some of my non-lolita style too. These are taken last summer, I will try to collect something like this from the following autumn as well.

I love otome, mori girl and gyaruish clothes but I don't think that any of my random outfits represent purely any of them. Hopefully I have managed to take some tips of those styles.

Dress and boots: Yumetenbo,
hat: H&M,
bag is random but please pay attention to the ancestor-Moomin keychain...

(We went to see Despicable me 2 with bf!)

Knit: Cecil McBee,
skirt: Bodyline,
leggings: Accessorize,
hat: H&M,
shoes: Deary (from Yumetenbo).

Overalls: second-hand,
bag: Metamorphose,
hair roses: H&M,
shoes: Bodyline
rest is random.

Skirt: Sweet&Sweet,
shoes: Melissa,
bag: Maximam,
rest is random.

Headdress: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright,
dress: Liz Lisa,
socks: Jane Marple,
shoes: Deary.

Knit: Alice and the Pirates,
hair roses: H&M,
skirt: second-hand,
shoes: Deary.

Conclsion: I buy my hats and hair roses from H&M and use too much Deary's shoes and the ancestor-Moomin bag. <3

Thank you for reading this post!

torstai 8. elokuuta 2013

Picture post

First of all, wowww! I have over 100 readers! I'm confused and happy, thank you for your interest so much! Maybe I should celebrate? I have considered a give-away of some kind, but not sure how many would be interested. I'll definitely have to come up with some sort of celebration.

But thank youuuuu. I'm so happy. <3

But now, to the actual theme of the post:

Toni decided to celebrate his birthday so he held a picnic meet up some time ago! Sanni took amazing pictures and was kind to let me share them. For more pictures see her blog.

The dress I'm wearing is the first lolita dress I ever bought! So that makes it quite old. But I still love it!

I've really started to prefer going out more natural, so once again there is very little make-up and simple hairdo! It's so much more easier during the summer (and I've gotten lazy). I miss my gothic outfits, though...

I also made my friend Anni come to the meeting with me. She doesn't wear lolita so I let her take a look at my closet and choose any dress of her liking. She ended up choosing Baby's Cherry Ribbon.

My outfit:
Dress: Anna House,
shoes: Deary (from Yumetenbo),
stockings and jewellery: Accessorize,
hair roses: H&M

Anni's outfit:
Dress: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright,
blouse: Anna House
mini-hat: made by a friend
socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Parasol is borrowed from Sanni.

(Oh lord I'm not wearing a blouse with my jsk!!1)

Thank you for taking a look!