sunnuntai 31. elokuuta 2014

Tove Jansson exhibition

For a long time I was planning to arrange a lolita meetup in Ateneum in order to visit Tove Jansson's exhibition, and finally it succeeded! 

It was my second time visiting the exhibition so I tried to focus on the things that I did not remember from my first visit, but in the end I ended up admiring mostly the same paintings as I did already. 

One of my favourites was this self-portrait with bobcat-muff:

I kept telling myself to focus non-Moomin art, but I couldn't help but enjoy the cute flowers, characters and landscapes that could have been straight from the Moominworld. Also, it was so cute to find small random Moomin characters from some of her work.

After the museum visit we took some pictures and visited -surprise surprise- Fazer cafe. 

Here's our group photo:

I haven't been wearing gothic lolita or EGL for a while, and when I was planning my outfit it was a bit "freezy"... But after some thinking it was nice to find my inner gothic loli again and just enjoy wearing the beautiful clothes! 

And guess what!

I got to wear my new Iron Gate in public!

So I'm a happy owner of Moitié's Iron Gate, my ultimate dream dress (or in this case, skirt). I'm happy that the skirt I got is the longer version, since Moitié is usually showing half of my tights. :'D

Here's what I'm wearing:

Skirt, blouse, headdress, socks, shoes: Moi-même-Moitié,
jacket: Black Peace Now,
can't remember where the accessories are from...

Tomorrow it's back to uni! I'm trying to dare and wear lolita more often, even for lectures and such. Also, I wish to get to attend lots of meetups during the autumn since it's finally the perfect temperature to wear lolita. *-*

Thank you for reading this post~

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