tiistai 26. elokuuta 2014

Villa Anneberg

It has been a while!

This summer I have mostly just been working and there has been only little time to wear lolita, so I was very happy to receive a invitation to Katarina's birthday picnic!

Kata, Susanna and I went to Villa Anneberg (Annalan huvila) that's located in middle of Vanhakaupunki and Arabianranta. It's really worth visiting, it has a lovely atmosphere and amazing flowerbeds (I have been working there as a gardener for the summer so I should know. :'D).

Kata had prepared cake and other treats for us and everything tasted yummy. :3

(All pictures are taken by Katarina, please do not copy them without permission from her.)

The American styled cheesecake was my favourite.

It was the first time I got to wear my new Innocent World dress! It has deers in it and I love it. *-*

Sorry for the derpy face but it was really sunny. We're lucky that we didn't melt.

My companion!

Thank you for reading this post~<3

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