torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

Kaya fan meeting in Helsinki

Last week Kaya came for a fan meet-up here in Helsinki. It was part of his private travelling, so it didn't include a concert or anything, but I feel very special for being able to experience such a thing!

Kaya was wearing a lovely Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's blue dress and a matching ribbon. He was so cute, energetic and kept smiling. I felt to positive!

The event started with question & answer. I got to be the one to ask the first question! I was so nervous. First I thanked him for coming to Finland in extremely voice-shaking-Japanese, in witch he answered cutely "Kiitos". I had to ask the question in English though, my Japanese language skills are way too poor for anything complicated yet.

I asked Kaya about how his dresses get designed and made and how much he himself has to do with the designing progress. He told us that he creates the main idea and theme for the dress, as each song has a specific theme of it's own. All in all it seems to be quite a long progress to create a whole look, but it really pays off!

Finnish fans were quite eager of asking questions, there were always several fans waiting for their turn. Kaya flirted with the audience, gave very long and thoughtful answer for each question and also asked questions from us, like when Aysha asked that with which artists/bands Kaya would like to work with, Kaya wanted to know if we had any wishes. We told him that we want to see him with D and Mana!

Kaya himself told us that he has plans with Selia, SiSeN, Hizaki and Hora!

After the Q&A Kaya signed autographs. I took my Chocolat photo with me to get it signed, because Chocolat is one of my dearest songs from Kaya.

I bought two photosets and QUEEN album. It has Awilda, Ophelia, Rose Kingdom and Transmigration, so I'm quite happy.

Salome photoset
Schwarz Stein photoset
QUEEN album and Kaya's autograph

Naturally the event was also a wonderful excuse to get all dressed up, so here's the outfit of the day:

Headdress, blouse, shoes: Moi-même-Moitié
Skirt, bustle: hand-made
corset from Morticia
jeweler: Alchemy Gothic and random

Pictures by Inka

I had a massive hair-failure, my curling iron broke when I had curled about half of my hair... It was quite catastrophic, so I apologize if it looks messy. This is why wigs are so handy and I should never try to do anything with my real hair.  xD

All in all, it was such a lovely event. Thank you so much, Kaya.

lauantai 18. elokuuta 2012

Kaya Helsinkiin 25.8.

Ajattelin nyt mainita tästä myös blogissani jotta varmasti mahdollisimman moni fani on tietoinen asiasta. :D Kopioin tekstin JaMEsta tähän.

Kayan fanitapaaminen Helsingissä

Hiljattain uuden singlen julkaissut artisti Kaya saapuu Glorialle runsaan viikon kuluttua lauantaina 25.8. Vaikka tiedossa ei konserttia ole, haluaa kauan Suomeen toivottu laulaja tavata suomalaisia fanejaan.

Ovet avataan klo 14:30, mitä seuraa klo 15:00 alkava Meet & Greet -tilaisuus. Tapaaminen huipentuu klo 16:00 alkavaan nimikirjoitusten jakoon.

Tapahtumapaikka Kulttuuriareena Gloria Helsingissä.

 Tapaaminen sisältää question & answerin ja se on pääsymaksuton. :) 

perjantai 17. elokuuta 2012

Met friends for tea and new apartment

Some days ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with friends. :) We went to the tea-shop Ounce, of course. I decided to be radical and taste a new tea, iced apple. It was delicious, I ended up buying some with me... :D

With Mari and Momo. Aki was kind and took our picture.

Dress, headdress, socks Angelic Pretty

I love this pendant! It's by Arrogant Alice. I would love to use it more often, but it matches with only few of my outfits.

So the partial reason we met was kind of a send-off. I moved to Turku! It's not that far from Helsinki, but still, there is quite a distance.

I arrived to my new apartment today. I mostly have been cleaning and trying to arrange my stuff, but I also went bicycling... And ended up getting lost. 
I love the neighborhood my apartment is located, it's very peaceful and there are lots of gardens. Also animals! A wild squirrel attacked me today. 

Anyway, here are some pictures I took of my room (it's a share so I didn't bother to take pictures from other places):

Notice Jörgen, my strawberry plushie I got as a present <3

It's so weird to have a closet with so little clothes... I'm planning to bring the lolita wardrobe a little later.

I got the lace curtains from my great-grandmother! :D

 It's quite spacey. I'm planning to put some posters on the walls, they look so empty. And I would maybe like to have a flower of some kind! One that is easy to take care of.

The studies will start next week! I'm excited. :)

keskiviikko 1. elokuuta 2012

New bonnet

I met some of my friends for smoothies! It was already some time ago, but I have been quite busy lately so I haven't had the time to make this post.

I'll be moving to Turku this month for my studies. I got in University of Turku, my major'll be history of art. I'm so happy! But it has been very stressful with apartment hunting and such. I have had to do quite a lot of work these days, guaranty money for the apartment, the first rent and such things as kitchen supplies have taken quite amount of my savings.
I also started studying Japanese for official, finally! I'll be going to open university for this month and I'm hoping to continue the studies in Turku. My goal is to learn at least hiraganas during this course.

My apologies for personal babbling, but I really wanted to get it out of my head. xD So, next, meet my new wonderful bonnet:

Bonnet, socks: Chantilly
bolero: Angelic Pretty
dress: Innocent World,
shoes: Bodyline
rest is random.

It's the Chantilly bonnet I bought from Lolita convention. I really looked forward to be able to finally make a coordination like this. <3 I love black x white and old-schoolish feeling with lolita.

We agreed with Inka to wear black and white with blond wigs!

Our smoothies
I also bought an apron and some potholders from DAY! It's a decoration shop that sells extremely cute products. They had a nice summer sale. I'll add a picture later. :)

Thank you for reading this post. <3