maanantai 24. joulukuuta 2012


I was going to make a separate post about a pre-Christmas party I attended, but since it' the Christmas Eve I'll just throw everything in together!

So about a week ago Mari invited me to her Chocolate themed Christmas party. Since there were quite many participants we had an indoor picnic and enjoyed dipping fruit, cake and candy in melted chocolate on Mari's blanket covered living room floor. The treats were so delicious!

(All following pictures are taken and/or re-touched by Sanni)

It's Turkish delight!
After drinking lot's of tea we took some pictures together. I love how everyone were just so beautifully dressed (note Mari's x-mas decorated hairdo!)!

Here's my outfit of the day:

Dress, headdress: Alice and the Pirates (I'm wearing Nutcracker print!)
shoes: YOSUKE
wig: Minty Mix
jewellery: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and random

I bought the wig actually second-hand from Ofelia market, but it was in such a good condition I just couldn't leave it there! Now that I'm in the topic, I'd like to present my other Ofelia findings~

 Rose brooch and a short tulle skirt. :) I also bought some Christmas presents from the market but I didn't realize to take pictures of them before giving them away... Anyway, I really love the brooch! It's quite large... The skirt is just for casual wear.

We celebrated Christmas with my family in our grandparents house. I got plenty of basic household stuff, like toaster, bed sheets, and vases... They'll be in good use. xD

Here's some presents~

My little sister got me fancy lip balms <3

Rose coffee set from my darling <3

Rose shaped mirror from a friend <3
I wish you all a Merry Christmas! <3

keskiviikko 12. joulukuuta 2012

Ofelia 9.12.2012

Since it's still the magical day, 12.12.2012, I shall celebrate it with making another post right after the previous one! :D

(Really, I just want to do something else than my gender study learning diary.)

Ofelia, the second-hand street-clothing market, was arranged once again in Gloria. The event was quite lovely, there were so many interesting sellers and from so many different style-categories!

I did some shopping, but I'll make a separate post for them as soon as I get to go to Helsinki and take proper pictures of my new treasures.

Inka was kind and let me use the pictures she took, so they're all taken and re-touched by her. You can see Inka's blog here.

Here's the outfit of the day:

Skirt: Moi-même-Moitié
blouse: Alice and the Pirates
jacket: Black Peace Now
shoes: YOSUKE
bag: Angelic Pretty
ring: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
rest of the accessories, tights and hair-roses are Chocomint and random.

Some pictures of the event:

Varusteleka is a Finnish army clothes and stuff selling (mostly second-hand) store, they have some incredible old army clothing from all over the world. They had an amazing fashion show! The models were very cool.

We also saw belly-dance performance, it was quite mesmerizing.

Thank you for taking a look at this post. <3

Doll Inspiration II

I made some time ago a post of BJD doll pictures and I decided to make another since a friend of mine has been publishing such wonderful new pictures of her dolls. So this post will be purely inspirational, please enjoy. <3

I choose some of my favourite pictures and here they are!

All pictures, doll's, their make-up and modifications are Sarqq's property. I recommend you to take a look at her DA gallery!

Thank you for taking a look!

sunnuntai 4. marraskuuta 2012

This was Halloween

So it has been quite a while since the last post... I've been crazy busy at the university. I should return soon to my Latin translation so this post will be just a small look of how Halloween went! :)

My dress few days before Halloween. I was supposed to visit an art museum with my boyfriend but we decided to instead be lazy and have some milkshake and hot white-chocolate.

Dress, choker, socks: Moi-même-Moitié,
Jacket: Black Peace Now
Hat is bought second-hand and self-customized

It had been snowing a little so it was quite cold!

I celebrated Halloween in Turku with other history of art students. I wanted to make a Pinkie Pie inspired coord, as I think she suits Halloween theme quite well, but unfortunately I don't have a picture that shows the outfit properly... Here's some pics we took before and during the party:

I wish I could have done a little more with my hair and accessorizes but I only have half of my wardrobe in Turku. xD

Dress, socks; Baby, the stars shine bright
Blouse: Dear Celine
Beret: Deary (from Yumetenbo)

My bf's band had a Halloween themed photo-shoot and I helped him with the make-up and hair, I took some pictures after the shoot:

Old-school visual kei!

Here's also KARMIA's new Halloween release:

You can find the actual pictures of the photo-shoot from Facebook

Thank you for taking a look. <3

keskiviikko 5. syyskuuta 2012

Jenlayn Traconissa

Seuraavana viikonloppuna järjestetävässä Traconin iltabileissä nähdään lauantaina visuaalista rockia soittava Jenlayn! Olen aikaisemminkin höpissyt heistä blogissani, näet vanhemmat merkinnän tästä.

Lisää tietoa löytyy tapahtuman Facebook sivuilta, kopioin tekstin sieltä myös tähän:

Jenlayn esiintyy jälleen Traconissa! Tule todistamaan suomalaisen visual rock bändin tähän asti HULLUINTA SHOWTA lauantain ikärajattomiin iltabileisiin! Keikka alkaa klo 21:15 Tampere-talon Rondo-salissa ja kestää noin 1h 15min! Suosittelemme korvatulppien käyttöä.

Keikalle pääsee Traconin sisäänpääsyrannekkeella! Samaan hintaan (15€/viikonloppu tai 10€/päivä) voit siis vapaasti nauttia muustakin mahtavasta ohjelmasta, jota Tracon kävijöilleen tarjoaa!

Tutustu bändiin osoitteissa:

Lisätietoja Traconista osoitteessa:

Toivottavasti mahdollisimman moni pääsee tulemaan. :) Jos bändi ei ole ennestään tuttu käykää kuuntelemassa näitä!

Kiitokseni merkinnän lukemisesta~<3

torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

Kaya fan meeting in Helsinki

Last week Kaya came for a fan meet-up here in Helsinki. It was part of his private travelling, so it didn't include a concert or anything, but I feel very special for being able to experience such a thing!

Kaya was wearing a lovely Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's blue dress and a matching ribbon. He was so cute, energetic and kept smiling. I felt to positive!

The event started with question & answer. I got to be the one to ask the first question! I was so nervous. First I thanked him for coming to Finland in extremely voice-shaking-Japanese, in witch he answered cutely "Kiitos". I had to ask the question in English though, my Japanese language skills are way too poor for anything complicated yet.

I asked Kaya about how his dresses get designed and made and how much he himself has to do with the designing progress. He told us that he creates the main idea and theme for the dress, as each song has a specific theme of it's own. All in all it seems to be quite a long progress to create a whole look, but it really pays off!

Finnish fans were quite eager of asking questions, there were always several fans waiting for their turn. Kaya flirted with the audience, gave very long and thoughtful answer for each question and also asked questions from us, like when Aysha asked that with which artists/bands Kaya would like to work with, Kaya wanted to know if we had any wishes. We told him that we want to see him with D and Mana!

Kaya himself told us that he has plans with Selia, SiSeN, Hizaki and Hora!

After the Q&A Kaya signed autographs. I took my Chocolat photo with me to get it signed, because Chocolat is one of my dearest songs from Kaya.

I bought two photosets and QUEEN album. It has Awilda, Ophelia, Rose Kingdom and Transmigration, so I'm quite happy.

Salome photoset
Schwarz Stein photoset
QUEEN album and Kaya's autograph

Naturally the event was also a wonderful excuse to get all dressed up, so here's the outfit of the day:

Headdress, blouse, shoes: Moi-même-Moitié
Skirt, bustle: hand-made
corset from Morticia
jeweler: Alchemy Gothic and random

Pictures by Inka

I had a massive hair-failure, my curling iron broke when I had curled about half of my hair... It was quite catastrophic, so I apologize if it looks messy. This is why wigs are so handy and I should never try to do anything with my real hair.  xD

All in all, it was such a lovely event. Thank you so much, Kaya.