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About music and inspiration

I really have the feeling that the main things my blog focuses on is music -related, like going on concerts and stuff, and, uh, to celebrate this fangirling I wanted to make a post that summons all my thoughts of my favourite music genres, inspirations and idols together! I hope you have the energy to read it all...
So the other day I was listening to some bands I haven't really been following for few years and started to feel quite nostalgic. Those bands have so much to do with what I am today, what I think is beautiful and how I love to dress.
I decided that it's time to introduce some songs, artists and bands that have impressed me the most and that have inspired me so much. It's thanks to them that I have found so many great people, styles, hobbies, got so many fantastic experiences... I hope that some of the not-so-known bands I listen to could become more known and even more people could hear their music and see the amazing styles that they have!
Let's start with GPKISM. GPKISM is not active at the moment, but both of the members still make music (I wonder if I should call Ryonai a member..?), Kiwamu in BLOOD and GPK does remixes/covers and is part of Flood of Rain. The first time I found out about GPKISM was in Gothic & Lolita Bible. I saw this amazing picture of GPK and I was so stunned. I listened to Synthesis and I found it very beautiful... Their music really is stunning. It makes you want to drown into it and just feel it around you. I also love the lyrics... They can be so sad and longing or passionate and fierce. And when such lyrics are combined with GPK's voice, it's just something divine. As I said, I first took notice of GPKISM when I interested of the picture I saw in G&LB. I simply am crazy about decadentic, elegant gothic style (propably Malice Mizer to blame? XD). This kind of style is the only one I really want to try and even copy. When I wear, for example, sweet lolita, I have no idol whom I'm taking inspiration from, it's just clothes that I like. But when I wear gothic clothes I almost always am thinking of some kind of source. It's a great compliment to say "Oh you really give out Kaya-like feeling" or "Wow your make-up is so much like Mana's".
From GPKISM I recommend you to listen to Ultimatus and Iudicium.
As I said, the lyrics are so lovely, see Ultimatus:
The memory of time now fading slowly
I pray each day that you would set me free
The never ending dream that you share with me
Together we shal live our fantasy

How can I leave here without you
You know that I will be here holding you
When angel whispers around you
You know that I am still here watching you
Also Iudicium:
Embrace the pain which you have suffered
I'll be there to see you fall
Enjoy the pleasure you have longed for
Won't you ask for more.

Through my everlasting slumber
I could hear your dying call
You seek the chance for your salvation
But you'll find nothing at all.

I could feel those blood rain falls down on me
Invite me into your own destiny
With me, your senses faded away from you
I see the endless dying dream, shattered

More great songs from GPKISM: Illuminatum, Angelus, Sublimis, and Barathrum.

If interested of GPK's work, see Ken's facebook and be sure to listen to these.
Flood of Rain is also something definitely worth listening to, hear Submission. It's so beautiful it almost makes me cry.
For VELVET EDEN fans, see GPK's remixes Witch on flames and BlackButterfly.
I really love to go to concerts. I love the feeling and the energy one can find from there. GOTHIKA is one band that has made an impression to me with their live performances. Few years ago, when they visited Finland, I was really hyper about them. I mean I still love GOTHIKA's music, but they should be more active! Hopefully I get to see them again some day. Also, I have to admit that I have a huge crush on Andro.

Beyond God and Evil is one of my favourite songs of all time. The death-vocaly like singing is to my like. I love GOTHIKA's genre, it's so gothic, mysterious but not too heavy. The members are so... hot. That's all there is to say. XD
Please also try Angel's Trumpet, Gusano and Elflock.
Other great live performer is of course D. Oh the energy! That band is pro. Theis style is also very unique, I can't seriously think of any other D-like band? Their themes are love, they go from ancient Japan to vampire romance. Ouka saki ni some ni keri, Yami no kuni no Alice, Follow and Yami yori kurai doukoku no a cappella to bara yori akaijounetsu no aria (for the love of all good and evil, what is wrong with that name) are just amazing songs. Please see the videos of Ouka saki ni some ni keri and Yami yori kurai blah blah blah! I love how Asagi has such a mysterious and cool look in them... Also, especially in Ouka saki ni some ni keri's look, Tsunehito is so cute!!

You know those songs that you simply have to return to, no matter how many years you have been listening to them? To start with, Schwarz Stein does this to me! do I even have to mention, New Vogue Children and Queen of Decadence?
I'm a big fan of Kaya's, even if I first was a bit shocked of some of his solo work -like Chocolate or Epicurean- because I really was used to hear Kaya's darker voice in Schwarz Stein. But eventually I fell in love with those cute and girly songs. I even made a goddamn cosplay of Chocolate. XD But to stay in gothic line, Ophelia, Rose Kingdom, Madame Rosa, Awilda! Listen to them!!
New single Vampire Requiem:

Ophelia has the most beautiful lyrics:
At night's end
The silence rolls in like the waves
And lends itself to loneliness

Memories of a night gone by

I feel I'll go mad from your scent
That lingers on the chilled sheets
You, who are too far away

Your beautiful smile
Will tear me apart
Stop laughing; My field of vision blurs
In the glistening surface of the waters
I slowly lose sight of everything

Ophelia gently sinks
To the depths of a sorrowful dream
Drowning in her overflowing tears

It's fine if it's a dream
It's fine if it's a lie

Just stay here by my side
(Now I have to ask, why is my blog so pink but my taste of music like this? XD)
So, next to the greatest, most ultimatic inspiration!! Yes, it's Malice Mizer. I seriously would pay anything to be able to go back in time and see a Merveilles -timed concert. It's just something so epic. I guess I don't really have to start introducing of what is the most amazing part of MM (Mana!) or who is the idol I'm going ridicilously fangirlish about (Mana!!) or whose style of clothes have made me a lolita ( got the idea).
Thank you so much, Mana. I adore you.
My favourite songs from MM might be from Bara no Seidou... Kyomu nonakade no Yuugi, Shiroi, Saikai no Chi to Bara and Mayonaka nikawashita yakusoku. Now I feel like watching Bara no Konrei.
I love this live clip from Bara no Seidou so much:

From Gackt-era, Gekka no Yasokyoku, Illuminati... Well, let's say anything rom Merveilles -album. Oh and Regret!
Klaha-era, it's of course Beast of Blood and Gardenia.
Moi dix Mois is a whole new story. To be honest it's more like religion to me than a band I listen to. It's Mana's solo so the feeling and atmosphere MdM creates is very dear to me. Dialogue Symphonie was the first song I heard from them, and mind you I was kind of young back then and has only been listening to Malice Mizer's popish songs, I found it rather scary. Then I heard Night Breed... And suddenly I had bought Nocturnal Opera's limited edition CD and fallen for good. Nocturnal Romance and Monophobia woke a whole different feeling in my taste of music. I didn't even know of such music! And the pictures the CD had in it... Magnificent.
I prefer Seth as a singer of MdM and I love the current style they have, but Juka and the old-fashioned gothic elegance they had back then is very close to that style of clothes, genre of music and ideology I feel attached to.
But still, Lamentful Miss, Angelica, Dead Scape! Ooooh that is music for you.

I have to mention Art Cube here, if you like Seths vocals. Your here... and Suna to Hana are very beautiful songs.
So as I have now returned to some of the oldest j-bands I have been listening to, I will have to admit that... I... loved Dir en Grey. I found out about them when Withering to Death had just been out. The Final and Kodou are the songs that made me one of those j-rock-idiots. I preferred Dir en Grey's visual kei era, so I didn't really keep following them when they went more... You know. XD
It might be that if I found Dir en Grey today I would actually prefer their newer songs. I have to admit, that band is genious.
Then, D'espairsRay! I loved all the PVC. Thank you for turing me into PVC fanatic, music video of Garnet. Especially Karyu's look in it. It was the time I learned how beautiful more masculine, or should I say bad-ass gothic style, dark kei can be. Then I'm afraid Hizumi's voice couldn't keep up the death vocals and they went a little too pop. The music was still great, but it didn't touch me personally so much anymore.

Whoaaaah, so far so many bands! There is still one I would like to say a bit more than just few words, after that I'll just mention some songs I love.
So the last great inspiration would be no other than Versailles! I saw The Revenant Choir teaser right when it came out, so I'm proud to say that I have been their fan since the beginning! Though I found out about the member's previous work (Kamijo in Lareine and Hizaki's Grace Project) after becoming interested of Versailles... Once again I found a band because I loved the way they looked, way to go me.
What can I say about Versailles? Absolutely elegant, graceful, romantical, all the vampire themes... They are a dream. I also did some Jasmine You cosplay. Oh and Kamijo is a synonyme for Elegance.
My favourites are The Red Carpet Day, The love from a dead Orchestra, God Palace, Zombie... Oh the list could go on and on. Sadly I haven't been following them as actively these days, but still I would say that Versailles is one of my favourite bands.
I still feel like saying someting of SEILEEN, VELVET EDEN, Kanon Wakeshima, SaTaN, Exist Trace and GOLDEN BOMBER (yes, I listen to them)... But I wonder if anyone would bother to read my fangirling any further. XD
So to keep it simple, here's some songs I can't stop listening to.
Kanon Wakeshima - Lolitawork Libretto (I used this as a lolita fashion show opening song.)
VELVET EDEN - Street of Alice (The Russian version is my ring tone!)
SEILEEN - Requiem D-moll (Selia's vocals is too much for normal people to understand... He has to be some kind of mythical creature for sure.)
Exist Trace - Judea (Jyou is soooo cooool.)
BUCK-TICK - ROMANCE (Atsushi comes and steals your soul...)
BLAMHONEY - Artificial Angel (This is addicting, I tell you, ADDICTING!)
After all this babble of Japanese bands I just have to mention KARMIA and Jenlayn! They are Finnish visual styled bands. KARMIA is more wild, darker and heavier. Ecstacy Road is a manificent song from them! I've seen them perform live three times for now, and I definitely want to see more. Jenlayn is maybe more stylish, very cool and impressive. I can't stop listening to Alice and I also hope that they'd release more songs!
By the way, I love Alice's lyrics:
A bird with broken wings
My world's collapsing
I've lost my voice to sing
Future full of nothing
I don't know what to do
Or how to make it through
When all I feel is blue
I need nothing but you

Be my bijou

I feel like Alice
As I'm lost in a dream
A dream with no ending
Darkness and malice
Fade away as you scream
Piercing my imagination
These "fresh" bands really are something I like to listen to when I don't feel like listening my epic favourites. They are a nice change and they give lots of positive energy! Also PLUNKLOCK! Breakout is playing in my head very often...
I feel very fangirlish for feeling so strongly of music and artists. They just give me so much more than just something to fangirl about, they are part of street-style, break from everyday life and an experience of it's own. I admit that sometimes I feel that I'm growing too old to dress like my idol or listen to some gothic music that's enough to make me cry, but for now, I have decided to ignore it. After all, the perception of growing up is comparative!
A cute picture of Ken to end this post:
Thank you for reading!!

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