sunnuntai 13. toukokuuta 2012

Make-up modelling and going to see D!

Olin viime viikolla kauneusalalla opiskelevan ystäväni meikki-, kampaus- ja kynsinäyttöjen mallina.

Last week I went to my friend's school as she needed a model for her make-up, hair and nail-art exams (she studies in beauty business). 

Kesti oman aikansa totutella uusiin kynsiini. XD

It took some time to get used to my new nails.

Ne ovat ihanat! Hopeiset glitterkärjet, oikean käden etusormessa ja vasemman käden nimetömässä on mustat ruusut sekä vaaleita helmiä.

I love them! There's glitter on the tip of the nail, black roses and white pearls.

Näytön tehtävänantona oli tehdä trendikokonaisuus ja ystäväni valitsi teemaksi "Such a doll" internetissä kuohuneen nukkekeskustelun inspiroimana.

The exam's assignment was to create a trendy look. My friend choose "Such a doll" for her theme, as there has been lots of arguing and talking of dolly look over at the internet.

Rakastin makkarakiharoitani!

I wish I had curly hair naturally.

Seuraavana päivänä tehtävänanto oli luoda päivämeikki joka muutetaan iltameikiksi. Samana iltana oli D'n keikka, joten toivoin jotain keikalle sopivaa meikkiä! Lisäksi ystäväni laittoi taas hiukseni.

The following day the assignment was to create a daily make-up that was to be changed into evening make-up. The same night was the night of D's live performance so I requested something to go with that! My friend also did my hair.

Mekko/dress Baby, the Stars Shine bright
dressu ja sukat/headdress and socks Moi-même-Moitié
kengät/shoes Double Decker
loput random/rest is random

Tapasin myös suloisen Alice and the Piratesiin pukeutuneen lolitan joka oli tullut Ruotsista katsomaan D'tä!

I met a super cute Alice and the Pirates wearing lolita that had come from Sweden to see D!

Kuvat otettu jonosta. 

Pictures taken in the queue. 

Kirjoitan laiskuuttani loput englanniksi, pyydän tätä anteeksi suomenkielisiltä lukijoilta... 

D was stunning, of course. I loved their look, energy, stage performing and all of the members! Asagi was so hot and elegant in his leather dress, Tsunehito looked so cute in his puffy skirt, Hide-zou was naturally very cool and handsome, Ruiza was able to make everyone at the audience smile with him and Hiroki was more charismatic than ever!

They started with Question & Answer. They were requested to say "nyaa" and it was hilarious. Asagi and Hiroki sounded very cute with their girly "nyaas", Tsunehito and Hiroki were like heavy metal singers with their roars and Ruiza was like some pervy otaku's dreamy anime girl. XD Also, someone asked if Hide-zou could sing for us a little. 
Last question was "What would you do at night when yo can't sleep?" and Asagi told us that he pets his cats.

Their performing was outstanding, I haven't felt such an energy for so long from any band! I went so hyper. One of my absolute favourite songs from D is Yami yori kurai douoku no...  -blahblahblah you got the idea- and I was thrilled that they played it.

Listen to it toooo~

Hiroki played a drum solo, it was very powerful! Literally! The audience went crazy during it. 

I was in second row or so in front of Ruiza so I got many hand-shakes and hugs from the band. Though I always tried to pull my hand away when someone approached because I was really scared that I would hurt them with my long nails, but the pressure of the audience was a lot to take, so... ONE OF MY FREAKING ROSES GOT STUCK ON ASAGI'S LACE. I'm so sorry. XD Luckily it came off without hopefully tearing his clothes.

So to end this post, I have to demand you to listen Yami no kuni no Alice as well. Thank you for reading this post!

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  1. Oih, kyntesi on tosi nätit~ *o*

    Olit niin nättinä D'n keikalla, harmi ettei keretty juttelemaan kauheesti, mutta ehkä tulevaisuudessa sitten paremmin jossain vaiheessa ^-^

  2. Tuotaaa, tuo mekkohan on Angelic Prettyn tuolla tytsyllä..? X'''D;