tiistai 29. toukokuuta 2012

New nails and Moitié's ribbon!

I finally got new nails! :3 Aysha did very good job again.

The nails were painted light pink, then the tips were dipped to white glitter and the ring fingers have huge pink ribbons! These are a little shorter than the previous ones, so maybe this time I won't hit them everywhere...

Outfit of the day:

Didn't really bother with the make-up after 3 hours of sleep.

Dress: Innocent World
Blouse: Bodyline
Ribbon: Metamorphose
Socks: Chantilly
Shoes: Deary

My petticoat is showing. ò__o

I also wore Black Peace now's jacket and M&M's bag but I didn't realize to take a picture with them.

Today my order from Closet Child arrived! It's just Moitié's ribbon and a random bijou but I'm really happy I received them! They're so beautiful.

I seriously have no idea how to coordinate the ribbon. It's kind of strange shade of blue. xD

Thank you for reading this post!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Oih, kyntesi ovat todella nätit ♥ Myös asusi on varsin ihastuttava sekä myös Moitién hiuspanta sekä tuo kruunu rannekoru~

    1. Voi kiitos. *-* Luulin sen pannan värin olevan vähän tummempi, mutta se on luonnonvalossa aika vaalea! En oikein keksi mihin sen saisi koordinoitua...