maanantai 4. kesäkuuta 2012

Some shopping

Few days ago I met my friends, Inka and Momo. I hadn't been out in a while so it was nice to be able to get dressed up! Also, Inka and I chatted a lot while waiting for Momo at a coffeehouse.

Erika, a friend who lives in Japan at the moment, sent me a package containing Sex Pot Revenge's dress! I have wanted it for so long and I'm overjoyed that I finally received it! It's super cool!

I have to admit I have serious problems of coming up with coordinations for these kind of clothes.

It was like Inka and I had switched places as usually Inka wears more dark styled clothes and I prefer cute stuff.

Inka is wearing mostly Liz Lisa.

Momo was also so adorable in her normal styled clothes.

I'm trying so hard to look as cool as my dress. xD Someone has to teach me how to pose.

Also, I finally bought a umbrella that's big enough to keep me dry when wearing epic sized lolita hems!

The colour is light lilac! I love the umbrella's shape, it's very elegant. I bought it from Kasvihuoneilmiö, but I suppose that furnishing shop Day sells same kind of umbrellas.

Thanks for reading this post. :D

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  1. Nättejä asuja teillä kaikilla ^^ Hattusi on ihan sika kiva *o*
    Toi varjo on ihan sika sulonen :D