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I was going to make a separate post about a pre-Christmas party I attended, but since it' the Christmas Eve I'll just throw everything in together!

So about a week ago Mari invited me to her Chocolate themed Christmas party. Since there were quite many participants we had an indoor picnic and enjoyed dipping fruit, cake and candy in melted chocolate on Mari's blanket covered living room floor. The treats were so delicious!

(All following pictures are taken and/or re-touched by Sanni)

It's Turkish delight!
After drinking lot's of tea we took some pictures together. I love how everyone were just so beautifully dressed (note Mari's x-mas decorated hairdo!)!

Here's my outfit of the day:

Dress, headdress: Alice and the Pirates (I'm wearing Nutcracker print!)
shoes: YOSUKE
wig: Minty Mix
jewellery: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright and random

I bought the wig actually second-hand from Ofelia market, but it was in such a good condition I just couldn't leave it there! Now that I'm in the topic, I'd like to present my other Ofelia findings~

 Rose brooch and a short tulle skirt. :) I also bought some Christmas presents from the market but I didn't realize to take pictures of them before giving them away... Anyway, I really love the brooch! It's quite large... The skirt is just for casual wear.

We celebrated Christmas with my family in our grandparents house. I got plenty of basic household stuff, like toaster, bed sheets, and vases... They'll be in good use. xD

Here's some presents~

My little sister got me fancy lip balms <3

Rose coffee set from my darling <3

Rose shaped mirror from a friend <3
I wish you all a Merry Christmas! <3

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  1. You girls have awesome meetings! Everybody looks so pretty and seems you had tons of fun!
    Love your outfit and very cute gifts ^^
    Merry Christmas!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment! <3 Please enjoy your holidays, dear. ^^

  2. Huomasin vasta nyt, että meillähän on sama astia sarja, tuo ruusu setti :D Rakastuin tuohon kyllä heti, kun löysin omani Anttilan kätköistä ♥