sunnuntai 16. kesäkuuta 2013

It seems that summer has started!

Hello dear readers! It has been a while... A long while, to be precise. I apologize for not making any posts after Christmas but I was really busy with my studies and I wrote so much essays and stuff that it felt like I didn't want to write any extra. And I hardly got to wear lolita since I was so busy all the time!

But finally, it's summer! Vacation time for me! I already have gotten to wear more lolita than what I wore last spring in total. But still, I thought that this first post after pause would be about what happened in last few months (or of what I have pictures, at least...)!

So for a start: My boyfriend and I went to Sea Life! It was around my birthday. I tried to take some pictures of the fish:


For babies!

They were quite mesmerizing.

I wore very casual lolita that day. The picture's light is quite bad, apologies!

Skirt is Bodyline and socks Jane Marple, rest is from ordinary shops like Monki and Cubus.

Next would be HelLoCon.

I organized a gothic/aristocrat fashion show with Mari's help. The name and theme of the show was "Ehdotonta eleganssia" ("Pure elegance") and our models were all super elegant and graceful!

You can see the show in YouTube:

I consider making a separate post of all the outfits containing a huge amount of pictures, but there is so much models that it'll take some time...:D

Here's my outfit:

Pictures by Sanni Siira

Dress: Innocent World
blouse: Alice and the Pirates
bonnet and socks: Chantilly
shoes: Minna Parikka
fan: Belle Modeste

I also modelled in MUST!'s fashion show that Tuulia Lautamaja (Cloudberry Lady)  held. You can see the video here;

I really loved my dress! I wanted to have it so badly, it was really pretty, made with amazing quality and it fitted me quite nicely. <3

Again, pictures by Sanni Siira. Dress and blouse by MUST!

In April Evanee held a meet-up in Helsinki. It was nice to be able to attend in a meet-up after quite a long time. I even got to meet many new lolitas!

Sanni Siira took the picture.

Dress: Alice and the Pirates
bonnet: Innocent World
socks: Jane Marple
shoes: Double Decker.

Lastly, I thought about sharing some pictures we took with Jari B. Miettinen in Hietaniemi's graveyard:

Inka edited the pictures. Ahhh it was so cold!

The outfit is same as in HelLoCon, but shoes are Pleaser's.

Thank you for taking a look at this post and once again, I'm so sorry for the pause! I'll be more active from now on so see you soon. <3

P.s. this doesn't have a thing to do with the theme of my blog, but I have gotten to meet such wonderful new people in my university that I'm going to share out Vappu-celebration picture!

History of art -students! I'm the only-one who forgot The Hat!! 

Have a wonderful summer everyone!

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