torstai 8. elokuuta 2013

Picture post

First of all, wowww! I have over 100 readers! I'm confused and happy, thank you for your interest so much! Maybe I should celebrate? I have considered a give-away of some kind, but not sure how many would be interested. I'll definitely have to come up with some sort of celebration.

But thank youuuuu. I'm so happy. <3

But now, to the actual theme of the post:

Toni decided to celebrate his birthday so he held a picnic meet up some time ago! Sanni took amazing pictures and was kind to let me share them. For more pictures see her blog.

The dress I'm wearing is the first lolita dress I ever bought! So that makes it quite old. But I still love it!

I've really started to prefer going out more natural, so once again there is very little make-up and simple hairdo! It's so much more easier during the summer (and I've gotten lazy). I miss my gothic outfits, though...

I also made my friend Anni come to the meeting with me. She doesn't wear lolita so I let her take a look at my closet and choose any dress of her liking. She ended up choosing Baby's Cherry Ribbon.

My outfit:
Dress: Anna House,
shoes: Deary (from Yumetenbo),
stockings and jewellery: Accessorize,
hair roses: H&M

Anni's outfit:
Dress: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright,
blouse: Anna House
mini-hat: made by a friend
socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright

Parasol is borrowed from Sanni.

(Oh lord I'm not wearing a blouse with my jsk!!1)

Thank you for taking a look!

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