lauantai 27. heinäkuuta 2013

Lolita picnic

Evanee arranged a meet-up some time ago! We had a lovely picnic in Kaisaniemi park. Luckily the weather was amazing, even if we saw some dark clouds... Anyway, all the participants were so beautifully dressed and it was nice to meet new persons as well as to meet some older friends.

A group photo!

I've been trying to do my own hair more often than wearing a wig, since it's so hot that my head would probably melt if I had an extra layer of hair. Also, I want to use my Aatp dress as much as I can right now, since it's quite summery!

My outfit:

Dress Alice and the Pirates,
hair roses from H&M,
mustache necklace a gift from bf,
lace leggings from Accessorize,
shoes Deary (Yumetenbo) 

Some pictures I took:

Lovely Lume 
Momochuu being cute

Xiner found a huge stuffed elephant

Enjoying the sun!

I really want to attend in to another meetup soon, it was a really lovely day. <3

Thank you for taking a look at this post!

2 kommenttia:

  1. Ohh your hairdo is so pretty! Did you just wrap your bradied hair around your head? Everytime I try to do that it looks a bit dunny because my hair gets thinner towards the ends so the braid ends up much thinner too :(
    I love your dress too! It really suits your natural hair color, no need for a wig ^^

    here in Austria it's incredibly hot right now... tomorrow we're said to get 40°C or maybe more .__. No way I can wear Lolita in such weather >_<

    1. Thank you for your comment! ^-^ Yes, it's just a braid, but my hair is quite long so I can hide the thinner part behind my head and put roses over it. :D It's a perfect hoax, hahaha. But my hair really needs a colouring. >___<

      I can't imagine how hot it's over there, it's been around 20-25°C here in Finland and it's almost too much. *-*'' Hope you won't melt! Eat some ice-cream!