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Interview with a lolita part 2

 So, to the second part of the interview! I got even more carried away with explaining stuff, but this time I try not to spam you with so many pictures... Hope you enjoy the second part, one more part to go after this!

Please check my friend's who has made this interview blog Tabula rasa cum frame and livejournal.

Okay, now we know little bit better you and your style. The following questions are related to the Lolita style and the Lolita fashion here in Finland.

- How people, who don’t know much about Japanese street fashion or Lolita, can recognize Lolita (no matter what Lolita) from someone, who only is very girly?

Naturally lolita has a figure complitely it's own so it's easy to tell when one is inspired of lolita/is lolita. The first thing is and always will be is the petticoat. You just are not a lolita without one. But remember, it's definitely not enough to make you one.

- And how does Lolita stand out compared to others Japanese street fashion styles?

Lolita is elegant, stylish, neat, and I assume that lolitas also act like they truly are all that. I don't mean that lolitas should be some lifeless dolls, of course one can go (should go!) and have fun while wearing lolita. But I think that lolita is completely it's own thing compared to othes Japanese street styles, even compared to mori or otome.

- I like to say, “Sweet Lolita is sweet/cute, Gothic Lolita is mysterious, Classic Lolita is ageless and Erotic Lolita is a flirt“. Do you agreed that and why/why not?

Hm... To put it simple that definition would have to do. Of course there is a lot more behind those words, the styles in lolita are very protean and mixable. But when talking in general, I would have to agree.

Antique Beast's erololi inspired dresses

- As many persons have seen, Lolita has different style groups and subgroups. How people can tell, which Lolita is from the others, like Gothic and Classic Lolitas?

By the colouring, combining, the way one carries the dress, by the whole entirety. The make-up matters as does the hairdo. One can wear the same black velvet dress in gothic and classic styles, but when one wears those platform shoes, dark red lipstick, long eyelashes and has a black minicrown in one's head, one is definitely gothic.

- Which group is the most popular in Finland and what do you think is the reason for that?

I prefer not to speak out about this too much... I don't really think that we have any groups that would be something I'd die to join into or which inspire me in a way that makes me want to copy them. I don't think that there is one for me in Japan, Europe, or in USA.

- How do you think Finnish Lolitas stand out from Japanese Lolitas? How about then from Americans and other Europeans? Or Finnish Lolitas greatest “rivals” Swedish Lolitas?

Maybe European and American lolitas have more "rules" than Japanese. I don't find it very likely that Japanese lolitas even are aware of all the drama western lolitas are able to pull. The style is the same, but the circles and communities are so different. I myself am not very interested of stalking other lolitas I don't even know, so I won't comment more.

- How many Lolitas are in Finland? I guess that the most of them live in Helsinki and metropolitan areas.

I guess these questions can be answered in Finnish lolita forum Enfant Terrible. I think that there are surprisingly many lolitas in Finland. Most of them propably live in Helsinki and Tampere, but also northern Finland like Oulu. Actaually most of the meet-ups being held are in Helsinki, Tampere, Oulu and even Kuopio, but that's more likely because the most active meet-up-organizers live in those places.

- How have normal/not so into Japan and Japanese street fashion Finnish people reacted to your style? What have they said?

Well those who don't know me or my style usually know it has at least something to do with Japan. Sometimes I get lovely comments, like how beautiful and historical my clothes are and it's so great that someone dresses that way. Some elder people have told me that it reminds them of their youth. Those comments make me very happy and it's nice to hear them from random people. Unfortunately I have had to listen A LOT comments like "are you having a hen night?".

- What have been the nicest things they have said/done to you? And what have been the most unpleasant things?

The nicest thing... Well I was very flattered when we had a small meet-up with friends about a year ago and Jorma Uotinen (Finnish dancer/celebrity) saw us at a coffeehouse and came to tell us how lovely we looked.
He also gave us his autographs! XD

The most unpleasant things are when I get sexistic comments about my clothes. I hate every ageplay thoughts lolita wakes.

- How about those, who know Japanese street fashion and dress like some of them but are not Lolitas?

Hm. I guess that what the people who listen to j-rock and dress into visual kei inspired clothes/are just plain "j-rockers" and who don't actually know any lolita in person are kind of afraid of lolitas. Like we are evil bitches. Well, that might very much be true that lolitas act more mature in anime convention than 14-years old kids worshipping their... Wonder what they are worshipping. They are loud. And annoying. And I simply don't feel like hugging every kid who think I'm "kawaii desu lolita-chan" or stand their screaming. There, you see, we ARE evil!

But really now, I think that more mature people respect lolita as a lovely fashion and think that it's cute and pretty. I also love visual kei/dark kei and many other japanese street styles and I adore people who know how to carry them.

- What do you think Finnish people should learn about Lolita?

 It's NOT ageplay and no, we are NOT having a hen night. And please ask a permission before taking pictures.

Next, I'd like to ask some details about you and Lolita. Here comes to “teaching/advising” part.

- What do you think is the important thing to remember when dressing Lolita? What should be avoided?

Like I mentioned before, petticoat is the thing that cannot be missed in lolita. Also, always pay attention to the quality of clothes!

- If someone wants to start Lolita style, what should she/he first do? How should one get started?

Buy the petti before anything else. JUST BUY IT. Then I recommend one to buy several blouses and skirts, not immediately a supersweetrufflelaceyheartypinkydreamydress. With few blouses and skirts it's possible to make many different combinations. Also, pay attention to your accessories! With them it's also possible to create totally different entireties. Simply go to H&M and buy yourself some pretty hair roses.

- What do you think it the worst mistake that a Lolita can make? Have you ever done it?

I can't mention it too many times: THE PETTI. But also, when not talking about the clothes, I think that the way one behaves when wearing lolita is very important. Please respect your clothes and behave with elegance. Remember that when you dress "differently" you are also giving an expression of the whole "difference". Represent lolita with thought!

- Which accessories do you like best in your Lolita? Which accessories do you like to see on the other Lolitas?

I love roses! I love them in my lolita and I love it when others wear them. Moitíé has many beautiful round headdresses that have roses in them, they are my favourites.

Wearing Moitié's headdress

Roses bought from "ordinary" stores
I also myself favour ribbons, bonnets and mini-hats. I actually just a while ago started to wear those old-fashioned headdresses.

And of course aristocrats are the most perfect accessories!

- What accessories do you think are the most ridiculous things you have ever seen and why?

Angelic Pretty Pullip/Dal/Byul dolls are simply idiotic. And I'm dying of getting AP Byul. ;__;

- Can you name/give some examples of accessories and dresses/brands to different Lolita groups?

Try wearing Yumetenbo's high heel shoes! I love my Deary's shoes so much...

The shoes have lovely hearts as their pumps
 But worry not, they're not suitable only for sweet lolitas. I have some shoes from Yumetenbo I love to match with gothic styles.

There's cute lace on the sides of the shoes

These shoes have little ribbons on front
 - What advices do you like to give to the beginners?

Start slowly. You don't have to immediately get yourself a load of stuff. Always pay attention to the quality. Try to also sew or make handicrafts by yourself!  Do some research and don't be afraid of asking for help.

So here was the second part! The final part will be about my wardrobe. Thank you very much for reading this part! :)

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