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Interview with a lolita part 1

"Röyhelön vangit" olisi varmasti osuva käännös otsikolle.

Ystäväni päätti haastatella muutamaa tuntemaansa lolitaa blogiaan varten. Päätin kysymykset nähtyäni, että haluaisin myös postata haastattelun tänne omaan blogiini. Haastattelu koostuu kolmesta osasta, julkaisen nyt ensimmäisen. Valitettavasti teksti on englanniksi enkä viitsisi alkaa kääntämään sitä... Jos jokin kohta kuitenkin tuntuu epäselvältä/en osaa ilmaista itseäni riittävän hyvin englanniksi, vastaan tietenkin mahdollisiin kysymyksiin suomeksi. :)

So my friend decided to interview some of her lolita friends for her blog, and after seeing the questions I decided to also post the interview here in my blog! :) The interview will be posted in three parts, here is the number one. I deeply apologize for any spelling/grammar mistakes I may have made.

Käykää myös katsomassa ystäväni blogi Tabula rasa cum frame ja livejournal

Please also check my friend's blog Tabula rasa cum frame and livejournal

The interview with a lolita

- What kind of style do you wear and how long have you dressed that way?

I am a lolita. My favourite lolita style is gothic, but I also enjoy wearing sweet, classic and many others. I have been wearing lolita for about five years now.

- How did you find out Japanese street fashion and Lolita-style? Why did you decide to try it?

I found out about japanese street fashions through music. I first got interested of some j-bands like Dir en grey, D'espairsRay and Malice Mizer. Thanks to MM I found Mana, and I could say that it's all thanks to him that I started to adore lolita fashion, especially gothic lolita. Later I found out that there were also other lolita styles, and mostly thanks to Finnish lolita forum Enfant Terrible my knowledge became deeper.
The reason why I wanted to wear it... Well, do I really need a reason for dollying myself up?

 - What did you parents and your friends say/think, when you started dressing this style? What are their reactions now?

As I was in the delicate age of 14 I was searching myself like any other did. I had some friends that were into gothic or punkish styles who supported my choice of style but naturally I also had some "normal" friends. They just thought my style as some gothic style and didn't really care about it.
I was dressing more or less gothic even before I was aware of lolita, so my parents were fine with the gothic style as long as it didn't get too over the top (like with make-up and such) but when I became interested of sweet lolita my father really didn't approve it, saying it was way too childish and that it didn't suit me at all. But still, they never told me that I shouldn't wear the clothes of my choice and I also guess that my mother was happy that I started to wear something other than black...

Nowadays, my friends are mostly representin the same styles that I love. I get compliments from tham, and it makes me very happy. My parents still find sweet lolita unsuitable, I am about to turn 20 after all, but they wouldn't dare to tell me to dress differently as I have made it very clear that I don't want to hear their opinions about my frilliest dresses.

- What do you think is the best thing about Lolita?

Propably the elegance of it... I love it how the dresses are so old-fashioned and luxorious. It makes me very happy when I wear something that makes me feel like I come from a different era. Also, I love the aesthetic senses that lolita brings within! Like how enjoyable a moment of drinking tea with friends in a coffeehouse might be.

 - Which genres of Lolita do you like/dress the most? Why them? Why not the others?

Gothic is my all-time-favourite. I love Moi-même-Moitié, it's simple yet luxorious beauty. Gothic style makes me feel pretty and elegant in a way no other clothes could ever make.
I also love sweet lolita, even if I don't always think that it suits me very well. Baby, the Stars Shine Bright is one of my favourite brands, especially when one can find classical elements from Baby's dresses. Also, with Baby there is this whole new and interesting world, such as Novala Takemoto's novel Kamikaze Girls. It may sound like a cliché for a lolita to say this, but Momoko and her way of seeing the world is very dear to me.

- What was your first outfit? (any photos?)

Hm... The dress that I once though was lolita would be lolita no longer in my eyes. Actually, there are several options. See for yourselves! Anyway, it was supposed to be gothic.

The very first actual lolita dress that I would even today wear was Anna House's JSK.

- How do you think your dressing way has shaped? (maybe some photos for you now)

Well naturally I was not immediately a good lolita or even recognizable lolita... I sometimes still think that I'm not good enough. Ah, this kind of question is indeed difficult to explain with words so it's chronological picturetime!

I tried to pick a picture from every season of every year I have been wearing lolita... Sorry for the ultimate picture spam.

- Can you name some brands or (role) models you like and why?

I guess I have already named quite a few, but let's name more!

The lolita brands that I also like are such as Innocent World, Victorian Maiden and Angelic Pretty. I love it how IW combines sweet and classic lolita. IW is the perfect example of what I try to obtain when I do sweet that is not Baby. However I love AP, but I wouldn't wear the most over the top styles. They wouldn't suit me. VM is amazingly beautiful and I adore lolitas who dress into it, but for some reason I myself don't. Wonder why?

The lolita idols... Well, more likely inspirations! To name few, I would have to say Kaya! I like his looks, style and I definitely love the Baby's dress he wore in Ophelia. Kaya's affection makes me feel good in more colourful and sweet styled clothes even though I love his gothic look.

Other inspiration would be GPK even if he is not a lolita or even anywhere near. The aesthetics he represents really have impressed me.

 I have to admit that I have copied his style and hair outside lolita... Eh, even in lolita! Or should I say I have taken inspiration from him.

 Thank you very much for reading the first part of the post. Hopefully I didn't bore anyone... Don't worry, the other parts will not be so long and I won't spam you with so many pictures anymore! XD

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