maanantai 16. huhtikuuta 2012

Old market hall

I met some of my friends a while ago. We went for tea, cakes and did some shopping in Helsinki city center's old parts. Sargonnas took so wonderful pictures that I felt like I should make a meet-up post!

We went to an old library...
Sairys and I
ChirpChirp, perfect look for Moitié!
I recommend you to visit Helsinki's old market hall!
In front of a chocolate shop
Ever so lovely. 

Emilie is so cute in her spring style.
Asio Otus, always elegant!

Chocolate *-*
Sairys is so handsome.
Finally photographer-Sargonnas, in all his glory!
Everything I'm wearing is Moitié except random shoes.
Thank you for taking a look. :)

4 kommenttia:

  1. Helsinki is a place I would like to visit ^^
    You all look gorgeous :D I see you had a nice time together!
    This library is beautiful <3

  2. Thank you, dear. :) You are very welcome to visit Helsinki! :D
    The old part of the city center is especially beautiful at summer.

  3. Oih, teillä kaikilla on todella nätit asut~ ♥

    Omasi on niin sinua~

    Vitsi tahdon lisää mekkoja ja hameita jotka on samettia *o* Se on niin ihana kangas kertakaikkiaan~