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Interview with a lolita part 3

So I was finally able to finish this quest! Sorry it took so long. :'D
It's the last part of the Loliquest! Lots of text this time. And also too many pictures. xD
Please check my friend's who has made this interview blog Tabula rasa cum frame andlivejournal.
And finally we come to the funniest part of this interview *laugh*
First, I ask three questions and then it’s time to play dressing game named “My wardrobe”
- As every style-genres, they have grown and progressed in years. Can you tell, what do you think about Lolita-style evolution (where to Lolita fashion started and how it came to this, what it‘s now)
Well I guess that lolita was born in somewhere around 1990... Actually a little earlier, by some early lolita brands, but I don't know if that would be "lolita" today. Lolita-style became more known few years later, propably thanks to Mana. Moitié has kept it's simple and elegant line, but sweet lolita has followed "mainstreamish" Japanese fashion and evolutioned most. I don't think that there is actually such a thing as "old-school gothic lolita", they would be recalled either kuro (which I see as sweet lolita wearing black) or EGL wearing Moitié.
But there is this style called old-school sweet lolita! The first thing that comes to my mind is an entirety of black and white, very simple yet somehow heavy. Baby was one of the first actually known lolita brands, and it really has had lots of influence of what sweet lolita is today. See Momoko's style for reference!

Actually for the history of lolita evolution I have to recommend you to read my friend Caramea's post in her blog New Vogue Children for this. I don't have anything to add for this post. 
- Novala Takemoto, fashion designer, has said that his only friend is a houseplant. His saying has interpreted that Lolitas can’t/don’t have friends, because it causes envy. What do you think about that? Do you think he/that interpret is right or wrong?
Well... I was kind of waiting for a question like this. First of all, we have to remember that Novala is writing in very metaphorical and humorous way. One should always try and find the hidden meaning behind his strange words. Like how one reads the Bible (did I just compare Novala's texts with the Bible?)! True, when Novala is saying that lolitas should not have close friends, he meant that when two lolitas are in close terms and one gets a dreamy closet full of lovely clothes, and the other doesn't, it only makes the other one jealous. By not having close friends, there is no jealousity.
Actually, Novala's mean yet funny phrases are very entertaining and I actually want to stop and think about them! I collected some of my favourites:
Most people are full of themselves and speak only the obnoxiously superficial, in other words they're annoying as hell”
Novala Takemoto, Missin' (Novel)

I am a lolita. I don't believe in growing up. No matter how old I get I remain devoted to ruffles and frills”
Novala Takemoto, Kamikaze Girls

Humans are cowards in the face of happiness”
Novala Takemoto

One cannot deny that these wouldn't make sense, right? Novala's way of saying things is just straight and it's like you can actually feel the frustration he himself has when he writes these truisms.
Of course I'm not saying that Novala's words are absolut. Only an idiot would think that they are. What I mean, is that he is extremely entertaining and really has a great view of lolita's ideology. Actually, he might be the one who created it. So even if I think that Novala is a complete joke, I actually really respect him at the same time.
- Have you ever tried some other Japanese street fashion styles? What are they? And if you have dressed in to them more than few times, would you like to give me interview about that style someday?
I have. Or at least I have been inspired by them! I love aristocrat style, but the only aristocrat clothes I dare to wear are feminine. Masculine aristocrat doesn't suit me, but I love it how people who know how to wear it look! EGA is truly lovely (by EGA I mean Moitié's aristocrat clothes), it's simply stunning how powerful one can look in such "simple" clothes.

I also adore Versailles -styled clothes! They are so elegant, yet pompous and glamourous! Kamijo's style is very handsome. But those clothes are not for me.
Sargonnas wearing Atelier Boz
My more casual "weekday-style" is close to otome, but I don't really wear it thinking "oh gosh I just HAVE to be more like an otome". It's just me in my cute clothes. I also like mori girl -style, and I love to mix it with my casual clothes. Gyaruish clothes, make-up, and hair is also inspiration, but I would never call myself gyaru, I am not one. There is more behind gyaru than just the appearance.
I'm not really sure should I call this style Japanese... Or even any spesific style, but oh well, who cares. I LOVE Japanese industrial/ebm/decadence -styled music, artists and their style! Schwarz Stein, Velvet Eden, BLAMHONEY, GPKSIM... Those clothes, oh those clothes. Black lace, PVC, corsets, metallic mini-crowns, enough make-up to make Mana feel insecure... Can I call it decadentic?
Velvet Eden
Schwarz Stein
Finally! The game “My wardrobe” starts now! (some photos would be nice)

- Name your favorite dress that you own right now and tell some little facts.

Okay, this just might've be the most difficult question so far.

I will have to name my Moitié's Divine Cross JSK in blue. This dress was my balldress when I graduated from upper secondary school. I also wore it in Tracon's lolita fashion show. I wear Divine very rarely, probably because I still think of it as balldress only for special occasions.

The dress has a very detailed white print in front of it. The details center at a big glowing cross that's in the middle of the print. Both sides of the cross there are angels and people from the Bible, probably at least Jesus and Maria...
Just to mind you, I am not religious person, I do not believe in God or any supernaturalities. I don't even believe in the existance of soul! But I still adore this dress and it's beautiful print. My thoughts of religional themes in art are very neutral.
- Your favorite accessories right now.
Don't make me choose...

Hmh, it's Moitié again. My black headdress that has roses and lace in it is propably my most worn headress. It suits with everything!
Then, my Moitié's newest headdress, round black x white with small silver crosses. It's adorable... And it makes me feel myself very elegant.
Then, even if I wouldn't call her actually an accessory, I must mention Evangeline.

She is my Innocent World Dal doll. Eva is very pretty and elegant. She looks so snobbish that it melts my heart...
- What are your weirdest accessories that you own (it doesn’t need to be weird to you, but some others have looked it little bit longer)?

Hime-Rosa! He has become quite a celebrity already. Meet my Darthvader plushie that has a huge ribbon on it's forehead.
Also, I just have to show you my dear beret that Sargonnas customed and gave me as a gift. She asked me if I wanted a regular bunny or a psycho bunny in it. You may guess yourselves what I wanted.

- Your house catches fire and you can only save three clothes (no dress/skirt+shirt+shoes), what would they be?
NOOO. I don't wanna answer, I get too horrible images of burning burando... Ummmh my divine JSK, divine skirt aaaand Angelic Pretty OP.

- Next, I'd like to ask you to give us a sample, how you dress as Lolita, when you go out to shop, eat and hang with your friends in daytime
(I have ran out of daylight so for now I'm going to use old pictures.)
Dress: Innocent World

knit: Alice and the Pirates

socks: Juliette & Justine
shoes: Montreal
bag: Angelic Pretty

- Now, it’s a show time! You can go crazy and put on good-tasted, magnificent look that even blind person realize that you are Lolita!

Dress, socks: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
ribbon: Angelic Pretty
knit: Alice and the Pirates,
hood: hand-made by some lolita I don't know!
shoes: from Yumetenbo
hairclip: Chocomint

- What would you dress to Family gathering, like you‘re uncle‘s weddings?
Everything off-brand/self-customised/used
- Decide, what to put on to go to amusement park with some your “normal“ friends.
Skirt Innocent World,

shoes Montreal,

beret customized by Sargonnas
Rocky Horror shirt from Spirit Store
rest is random

- How about then, if those friends would be Lolita/aristocrat/ouji/kodona/aristocrat-dandys?
 Headdress, blouse, skirt, socks Moi-même-Moitié
rings Alchemy Gothic etc. gothic stuff
jacket Black Peace Now
shoes are random

- Think, what to dress to the international Lolita meeting, which is pretty much like cocktail-party (I mean that it‘s more elegant than tea parties).
Blouse: Alice and the Pirates

skirt, socks, shoes: Moi-même-Moitié

headdress: from Ofelia Market

- And last task, choose some holiday (for example Christmas or first of May) and create your playful, Lolita party costume and make-up.
Dress made by me, mini-hat by Sargonnas

Thank you for your time, Serina^^ I hope you enjoyed this interview^^
Thank you, Aysha!

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