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Paris, Lolita Convention 2012

About two weeks before the Lolita Convention I decided that I really want to go there too. The convention was in Paris! I love Paris!! The trip was just wonderful.

I was really looking forward to seeing GPK in his showcase. It was really worth the wait, he was amazing.

We also did a lot of shopping and took tons of pictures.... I'll post a lot of pics in this post, so prepare yourselves. xD

Day 1.

Momo and I arrived to our hotel which was located to Republique. We did some sightseeing, walked quite a lot and went to Italian restaurant.

Outfit of the day!

Notre Dame

Inside of Notre Dame. The windows are just so beautiful when light  comes through them.

We ate pizza!

I just loved these metro entrances! They were like from a fairytale!
Day 2.

So this was the first convention day. We got dressed up and headed to Pelleport where the convention was being held.

Before the convention we went to a park nearby and took some pictures:

Outfit of the day:
Dress, chocker, headdress, socks: Moi-même-Moitié,
rest is offbrand.

There were so many sellers over there! And everyone looked so beautiful, French lolitas are just lovely. I also have to point that there were surprisingly many Finnish lolitas... But also British, Swedish, and Russian lolitas and aristocrats I got to talk to.

With Kamihana Shi
I ended up spending lots of time behind Rosa Nitida's desk. I had missed Iira so much (and my feet were hurting from wearing platforms) so it was plenty of fun (and comfort). Hopefully I was even some help for her. xD

Now may I start with the fangirling? I mean GPK! Really! I'm still so happy I got to meet him! 

I have listened GPKISM for a while, I fell in love with the dark sound and beautiful image. I was so heartbroken when it was announced that they would take a break, but then I found out about GPK's solo work! 

With Kamihana and Iira. Haha out clothes match.

I really am hysteric when it comes to some artists so I just hope I didn't act too awkward. Anyway, they were selling a Phoenix CD, photoset and a poster. I bought them all and got plenty of autographs. <3

I asked him to write me a small part of some lyrics and mentioned that Iudicium is one of my favourite songs. He wrote this. So... I ended up crying. 

The concert was great! First there was question & answer, we asked if he had any plans with Flood of Rain, which lipstick brand he uses, how is his taste in music and what kind of things inspire him.

After the Q&A GPK played some remastered GPKISM songs and sang. I adore his voice so much, it's absolutely beautiful. I just wish there could have been more proper stage and such. I hope to see GPK in all his glory!

Some pictures Kamihana Shi took:

Aah it was so great. <3

You can find GPK's fanpage from Facebook: Gothique Prince Ken
And also lots of information of his new work from Official French Street-team
Please also listen to his tracks here.

Day 3.

So we headed back to the convention!

With Iira
Iira, Toni and I are so cool that we should form a visual kei band
With Russian lolita and aristocrat. I loved their look!
Iira became spare-Ken
...and I became spare-Iira
On the second day, fashion show was being held. It was lovely! All the models were so beautiful and all of the clothes were stunning. I took some pictures, mostly of Cloudberry Lady.

And other showcase was being held! GPK first sang some GPKISM's Japanese songs and also some other because we shouted that we wanted more, afterwards he played a short DJ set.

Picture by Kamihana Shi

Picture by Kamihana Shi
I'm so happy... So overwhelmingly happy... He sang Angelus!! I love Angelus so much. I could have never believed that I'd get to hear it live. So again, I ended up crying.

Picture by Kamihana Shi
During the DJ set all of the Finns were dancing again, and he played Velvet Eden's remix Witch on flames! Yaay!

Day 4.

The final full day in Paris. We decided to shop and walk around.

I tried to create some kind of gyaru look.

Outfit of the day:
Knit: Alice and the Pirates,
dress: Yumetenbo's Deary,
socks: Jane Marple,
shoes: Melissa/Vivienne Westwood
roses from H&M and lashes are Diamond Lashes!

We started with Momo by going to a manga shop, the best in Paris, which unfortunately ended up being closed.

After accepting the fact that the shop would stay closed we headed to Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's store. We met panda kigurumi wearing Iira (she was like the cutest plushie) and Jasmine, very nice and pretty Italian lolita.

I bought Alice and the Pirates Drosselmeyer's Wonder Box one-piece in red and a matching ribbon. The dress is so cute and elegant!!

Next we met some lolitas from London and headed together for crepes!

I had nutella banana crepe!
After the crepes Iira, Toni, Jasmin, Momo and I decided to head to Lafayette to do some Vivienne Westwood shopping... I ended up buying Melissa's sandals for very reasonable price.

Later on we visited streetfashion shop Harajuku.

In the evening Toni, Momo and I walked... a LOT. I mean, LOT. All the way from Notre Dame to Eiffel tower and to Les Invalides. I have to mention that we had already walked a lot while shopping earlier. My poor feet were hurting so bad but it was definitely worth it! The weather was nice so we did lots of sight-seeing.

A random guy under Eiffel tower shouted to Toni "JESUS! We will follow you to Nazareth!" and walked behind him like that for a while. People around us applauded. XD  

Maybe I'll post the stuff I bought next... So these are from the convention and from Lafayette and Les Halles.

Melissa sandals and Chantilly socks in brown x cream

Supercute carriage necklace with pearls

Rosa Nitida chocker. I love the materials..!


...they match!

Some claire's earrings and a ring I bought from Iira

French manga for my little sister. She can speak French! Unfortunately I can't. XD

Some books I bought from the convention. Junko Mizuno's la Petite Sirene  and a picture book of BJD dolls.

La Petite Sirene, it's in French so I will not understand a thing, but the art is so beautiful!

The BJD book is actually a souvenir for a friend. <3

And finally... Chantilly's bonnet! I have the perfect socks for this. I'm so exited of creating a coord with this!
So the following day, we had to leave... I'm going to miss Paris so much. But I know I will definitely return there. <3

Last pictures:

Wearing my new AatP dress. The last Starbucks at Arlanda airport! I  was so tired. x__x

Admiring GPK's photoset. XD
Thank you so much for taking a look. <3 As a reward for those who had the energy to view all of it, I'll post the idiotic pictures here:

Have a nice summer everyone!

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  1. PARIS <3

    I like your first lolita outfit!! *-* Blue really suits you!

    I can see you had so much fun! And met a lot of lovely lolitas :3

    HAHAH LOW for the tourist guy XD

    And the purchases <3 Buy is definitely one of the best things to do while traveling!

    1. Thank you for your comment! :D

      Yes, we had so much fun! It was such a great experience.

      I also love shopping while travelling!

  2. OMG, you bought everything products of GPK! XD

    I love your Chantilly's half-bonnet! -^o^-)b

    1. Thank you for your comment!

      I had to buy them. XD I love GPK's work!

      I can't wait to get to create a coordination for my new bonnet. n__n

  3. I was glad to finally meet you <3
    Hope to see you again :)

    1. It was so nice to be able to meet you too! :)
      Yes, hopefully we will see each other again!

    2. Kirjoittaja on poistanut tämän kommentin.

  4. Lovely pictures! I love Paris and visiting the city, and I suppose you must have met many of my lolita friends from there during the convention. These pictures are all really exciting to see. You blog about it so that it's almost like I was there. Thank you very much for that!

    1. Thank you so much for your comment. :) The event was indeed exciting! I really want to go again next year!