torstai 30. elokuuta 2012

Kaya fan meeting in Helsinki

Last week Kaya came for a fan meet-up here in Helsinki. It was part of his private travelling, so it didn't include a concert or anything, but I feel very special for being able to experience such a thing!

Kaya was wearing a lovely Baby, the Stars Shine Bright's blue dress and a matching ribbon. He was so cute, energetic and kept smiling. I felt to positive!

The event started with question & answer. I got to be the one to ask the first question! I was so nervous. First I thanked him for coming to Finland in extremely voice-shaking-Japanese, in witch he answered cutely "Kiitos". I had to ask the question in English though, my Japanese language skills are way too poor for anything complicated yet.

I asked Kaya about how his dresses get designed and made and how much he himself has to do with the designing progress. He told us that he creates the main idea and theme for the dress, as each song has a specific theme of it's own. All in all it seems to be quite a long progress to create a whole look, but it really pays off!

Finnish fans were quite eager of asking questions, there were always several fans waiting for their turn. Kaya flirted with the audience, gave very long and thoughtful answer for each question and also asked questions from us, like when Aysha asked that with which artists/bands Kaya would like to work with, Kaya wanted to know if we had any wishes. We told him that we want to see him with D and Mana!

Kaya himself told us that he has plans with Selia, SiSeN, Hizaki and Hora!

After the Q&A Kaya signed autographs. I took my Chocolat photo with me to get it signed, because Chocolat is one of my dearest songs from Kaya.

I bought two photosets and QUEEN album. It has Awilda, Ophelia, Rose Kingdom and Transmigration, so I'm quite happy.

Salome photoset
Schwarz Stein photoset
QUEEN album and Kaya's autograph

Naturally the event was also a wonderful excuse to get all dressed up, so here's the outfit of the day:

Headdress, blouse, shoes: Moi-même-Moitié
Skirt, bustle: hand-made
corset from Morticia
jeweler: Alchemy Gothic and random

Pictures by Inka

I had a massive hair-failure, my curling iron broke when I had curled about half of my hair... It was quite catastrophic, so I apologize if it looks messy. This is why wigs are so handy and I should never try to do anything with my real hair.  xD

All in all, it was such a lovely event. Thank you so much, Kaya.

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  1. If I'm not mistaken he was using AatP's Treasure Hunt in the Mystic Island set for these times out from Japan, and being cute as always ♥
    Kaya is very gentle and charismatic! I really admire him so much! You had a great opportunity to be close to him, here we only had small meetings and concerts!
    Additionally, your outfit is gorgeous and elegant!!

    1. You're correct, it's AatP's dress, but Kaya himself only mentioned Baby so I thought that I'll have it his way. xD
      Kaya was indeed charming and enchanting! The event was so lovely. And thank you for compliments and for your comment! ♥

  2. cool outfit! I really like your skirt :D
    No your hair looks nice!! My skills for hair curling are zero! XD
    Seems the event was pretty cool! Kaya was here too, but I missed cause was in another city~

    1. Oh thank you so much! ♥ Yes, the event was so wonderful! Next time, I recommend you to go and meet him. ♥ Thank you for your comment, dear.