perjantai 17. elokuuta 2012

Met friends for tea and new apartment

Some days ago I had the pleasure of meeting up with friends. :) We went to the tea-shop Ounce, of course. I decided to be radical and taste a new tea, iced apple. It was delicious, I ended up buying some with me... :D

With Mari and Momo. Aki was kind and took our picture.

Dress, headdress, socks Angelic Pretty

I love this pendant! It's by Arrogant Alice. I would love to use it more often, but it matches with only few of my outfits.

So the partial reason we met was kind of a send-off. I moved to Turku! It's not that far from Helsinki, but still, there is quite a distance.

I arrived to my new apartment today. I mostly have been cleaning and trying to arrange my stuff, but I also went bicycling... And ended up getting lost. 
I love the neighborhood my apartment is located, it's very peaceful and there are lots of gardens. Also animals! A wild squirrel attacked me today. 

Anyway, here are some pictures I took of my room (it's a share so I didn't bother to take pictures from other places):

Notice Jörgen, my strawberry plushie I got as a present <3

It's so weird to have a closet with so little clothes... I'm planning to bring the lolita wardrobe a little later.

I got the lace curtains from my great-grandmother! :D

 It's quite spacey. I'm planning to put some posters on the walls, they look so empty. And I would maybe like to have a flower of some kind! One that is easy to take care of.

The studies will start next week! I'm excited. :)

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  1. lovely blue coordinate!

    good luck with the moving thing. It's stressful :/ But so far the decoration is nice ^^

    1. Thank you, dear. Luckily the moving progress has been going well and I really love my neighborhood. :)