torstai 20. kesäkuuta 2013

Hypecon: Lolita fashion show, Jenlayn and KARMIA

Since I promised to post more often, here's another post right after the other! It will be about Hypecon, which was arranged in Hyvinkää about a week ago.

It was nice and small event. I arranged a lolita fashion show with Mari. The theme was to show off the latest trends in lolita fashion in it's many different categories! We wanted to try something new with the poses and told everybody to move around, dance and flirt a little with the audience. Our models were the best! The show was a success! See for yourselves:

Music used: So Many Wonders by Sim Gretina, Galaxias and Jenny by Studio Killers.

Here are the pictures of all wonderful models! (Pictures taken by me)










 Mari took my picture:

Dress: Alice and the Pirates
bambiheaddress: Essin maailma
socks: Jane Marple
shoes: Deary (from Yumetenbo)
hair roses from H&M, jewellery  Baby and random.

Later in the evening after the fashion show was over, I went to see Jenlayn and KARMIA perform live. The stage was very well prepared for them, lights and everything was just amazing! I was able to see only about half of Jenlayn's performance since I helped bf to do his make-up backstage, but they did really good job! Also it was so adorable how they took pictures with the fans afterwards.

After Jenlayn it was KARMIA's turn. It was the last live for bf since he left the band after the show so I took plenty of pictures!

Thank you for reading this post. <3 Have a nice Midsummer day everyone!

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  1. Ohhh, so many beautiful models! I love all their outfits, though PrinceKarakuri's is especially well done imo, I like it a lot! So good looking!
    And the dress youw ere wearing is really beautiful too!

    1. Thank you for your comment~ I'm also so proud of all my wonderful models<3 Karakuri did a really good job, I got her to attend in very last minutes!