maanantai 1. heinäkuuta 2013

Pride 2013

I attended Helsinki Pride 2013! I thought that since the Finnish Tahdon ("I do", goal is to allow the law of same-sex marriages) campaign is the hot topic at the moment, I want to show my support and take a part of the march. It was amazing how many people took part and how flashy the march was able to become!

Kansalaisaloitteen voi muuten kirjoittaa täällä, jos sitä ei ole vielä ehtinyt tehdä. Lisää tietoa kampanjasta löytyy Facebookista.

I had lots of fun while marching and it was nice to meet so many friends and also some lovely new persons. I took plenty of pictures and I wish to share some here (actually, most are taken by my friend Anni who came to march with bf and me)!

The outfit of the day:
Dress: Baby, the Stars Shine Bright
headbow: Angelic Pretty
knit: Alice and the Pirates
socks: Jane Marple
bag: Metamorphose
umbrella: Day

There were quite many lolitas! It was nice meeting Evanee, Momochuu and Akiko.

I also saw Elfie and her new dress!

She was giving out balloons. *-*

Dance show in Tuomiokirkko's stairs!

I received soooo many balloons! Sadly most of them flew away. </3

Starting the march!

Have a gay day everyone!

4 kommenttia:

  1. Smart girl, you picked tenis shoes! :P
    You look lovely and those balloons match your outfit perfectly too. I miss having balloons, i don't think i ever had any after being a kid. <3

    1. Yes, I first thought that rocking horse shoes would have matched better but then I remembered all the cobblestones...:D
      I always go crazy if there is a change of getting balloons! Thank you for your comment. <3

  2. Näinkin sinut vilaukselta pridessä, näytit upealta!! :)