torstai 18. heinäkuuta 2013

Korkeasaari zoo

Bf and I went to Korkeasaari zoo the other day. I haven't visited since I was a kid, so it was a lot smaller than what I remembered. :'D Still, we did quite a lot of walking! It was a pretty warm day so the animals were quite exhausted and most of the bigger animals were out of sight. But we managed to see a tiger!

Outfit of the day:

 Dress: Innocent World, rest is random.

Some pictures I took:

The bear was swimming around eating apples. It seemed quite pleased.

Once I went in to a circus and rode a camel.. 

Not so exotic but they were cute. :D

The peacocks were walking around in the crowd.
It was quite impossible to even try to take pictures of any other animals since it was very crowdy (little children everywhere!) but I have to say that my favourites were pygmy marmosets and other little monkeys! *-* Here's a video for cuteness overloads:  

Thank you for taking a look at this post!

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