tiistai 16. heinäkuuta 2013

New dress and some decoration

Hello again! <3 Some time ago I sold my first skirt I ever bought from Baby (it was heart-breaking) and realized that it was the only blue coloured lolita item I had! So I found Baby's Cherry Ribbon from Closet Child. It's the dress I have been wanting for years and now that I even found it on blue... Well, you can guess the rest.

Went to buy some tea to get an excuse to wear the dress for the first time. <3

I love the text in the hem!

Dress is Baby, the Stars Shine Bright, blouse Dear Celine, shoes Double Decker and rest is random. I'm not entirely satisfied with the fist coord, and I feel like I made a better one later, but didn't realize to take a picture. :'D

Also, did a little more shopping:

I think they're brilliant.

Since bf and I are moving in together we have been working on a little decoration with the apartment. We took a flea-market and Hemtex's sale tour and found all kind of lovely stuff. <3

Old-fashioned phone bench. I keep my jewelry box and perfumes on top of it, the guitar is bf's.
The cutest jewelry box ever

I was told that there are too many roses. xD
I collect art cards and always buy one or two after seeing an art exhibition.

Mostly Finnish golden age artists
A little more playful collage, modern art but also Michelangelo and some Pokémon fan-art..:D
Saved the best for the last, I found this perfect oil-painting from the flea-market!

It's quite large, even

I don't know the artist (it has not been signed) but I love the composition so much! The technique, theme, colours, and every little detail!

The decoration is still a little unfinished, but I'll post some better pictures once it's done!

Thank you for taking a look at this post!

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